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Why train your dog? Training your dog allows clear communication between the human members of your family and the four legged family members. If your dog knows what you want he is more likely to listen and do what you are asking. Training is a great boredom buster therefore your dog will be less destructive and unruly if he has a good outlet for excess energy. 

Training also provides a point where you can begin to work with any unwanted behaviours such as barking, toilet training, pulling on the lead, jumping up, separation anxiety, socialisation and aggression.

Training can be fun and time efficient and no matter what your life style, there is a training style that will suit you.

What type of training? Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool for shaping or changing your dog's behaviour.

Positive reinforcement training uses a praise or a reward to adopt wanted behaviours with confidence.
A supportive training environment enables your dog to feel relaxed and safe, enhancing the improvement in behaviour.
Emma creates personalised strategies when working with her clients, all are force free and suit each dogs individual needs as well as implementing confidence building general obedience cues to keep training fun and positive.
Who will be my dogs trainer?  My name is Emma, I am a dog obedience and behaviour trainer and have loved working with animals for around 10 years now. I have always loved dogs and felt drawn to them, they cannot speak like humans so I have always felt an immense passion to be able to communicate with dogs and help them express what they want and need. Communication is very important when you create your bond with a dog. I spent most of my career working as a veterinary nurse caring for the sick and injured dogs, when I became the puppy preschool instructor at the vet clinic I worked at it opened up a whole new world for me working with dogs. I studies through The Delta Society where we are taught to only use humane techniques and how to understand how a dog thinks and learns. Combining this with my love to help people I find my clients really enjoy their training sessions with me and I am pretty sure my four legged buddies do too!