January 25, 2018

I think we can all agree toilet training your new puppy is not an easy task. I am currently on the market for a new toilet for my cat, which has led me to discover some cool tools to help you train your puppy. 

Whilst I think its great to have such options on the market, I do believe there is a lot of different ways and devices for toilet training your puppy and what I am seeing is they all are built around one key factor (and free too), positively reinforcing the wanted behaviour!

This is a common principle when training any behaviour with a dog. In toilet training I use something called the 3p's,  planning, prompting & progress.

Planning: Devising an individualised toilet training plan, one that uses each new dog owners individual lifestyle. 

How much time per day will you spend with your puppy? 

Key to reinforcing your puppy going to the designated area is to be there at the time your puppy actually goes to the toilet to jump for joy treat your puppy and show them how much...

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Meet The Founder Of Pawsitively Nourished

Hi I'm Emma, I was born and raised in Australia and for as long as I have known I've loved all animals. I am passionate about a lot but dogs have to be my number 1! 

If each day I am growing and becoming more aware about topics and issues surrounding our furry best friends I am happy, and thats my aim, to spread the happiness.

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